Customized Solutions

We develop customised solutions. We listen, analyse and get a solid grasp on the requirements and problems.

Optimized Delivery

We spend more time between planning and execution, so that final delivery is always optimized and ready to roll.

Communication and Transparency

Being up-to-date with the latest IT trends and technologies makes us efficient. We highly emphasise clear, honest and transparent interactions with clients throughout the development process.


We work on "Doing more with less and smart" pattern. We provide development services without costing a lot of money and help you getting out more of what you put in us.

High Quality Service

Our talented team, management and communication skills separates us from our competitors. We follow all the IT standards with our deliverables.

Innovative Approach

We don't just hinge on mastering the latest technologies, We know when and where to use them. We follow innovative approaches in our process knowing all the pros and cons..








UX/UI Design

A successful application or software is one which is user-friendly and has attractive design. Good Design is a key ingredient of any application or software to grab the attention and attract the customers. We expertise in all the necessary steps, standards, latest techniques, customer centric, cost-efficient web design, beautiful user interfaces, intuitive and convenient user experience and much more to deliver visual excellence and quality.


In today's fast growing digital world every business demands accurate and effective analysis of consumers to make crucial business decisions. For every digital business its a crucial factor to determine possible reasons where they are loosing customers. We expertise in using different analytical tools like Google Analytics, Piwik, Mixpanel, Flurry etc and help you integrate them in your business to take deeper insights on what your customers think.

Resource Hiring

We have a hard-working, experienced team ready to be your dedicated resource. Our team will work with you to ensure your project is built for success. We understand many projects require confidentiality and will treat privileged information with delicacy. We will assign you designers and developers with experience specific to your industry and goals. Our internal project management system is designed to help you track progress and provide you an avenue for real time feedback. This provides transparency and allows us to turn your comments and feedback into immediate action.

IT Consultancy

IT is not probably a core business for most of the customers. Solving the IT problems or requirements internally without any prior knowledge can lead a business to suffer in many aspects and could be cost-inefficient. We have a huge experience in different IT fields and are glad to help when you really need it. We offer expert and affordable IT consulting services to help you achieve your short and long term IT objectives and requirements. From requirement gathering to IT infastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects.

Web Development

We build Innovative, robust, custom web development, eCommerce, portal development, ERP, CRM & social networking solutions for businesses. We provide full stack custom web development services of any complexity. We build the web apps as per the nature of the business to keep the same relevant and in sync with the business. We mix client's idea and our approach in order to give a resourceful, productive, engaging and interactive presence on the web. We not only create websites but give all the support and maintenance to our clients websites.

Mobile Application Development

Since people are spending more time on mobiles, mobile apps is an essential part to keep up with the latest trends. We embody your ideas into mobile apps including both the popular platform - iOS and Android. We have developed many mobile apps and experts in cross platform solutions and services. We form a great combination and a mixture of ideas, techniques and approach to build modular mobile apps. Our application development process is to provide fully interactive, user-friendly, and meet client specifications. Among millions of mobile device users, We help you to grow your business services by building mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Remote Administration

ASKIN offers a reliable and cost- effective solutions in cloud staffing, hiring a team to provide expert services in designing, building and maintaining cloud infrastructure, cloud systems design, setup and tuning for your business. Our team has experience in managing AWS, Microsoft Azure, GoDaddy and dedicated Linux servers. We can provide server support, remote system monitoring 24×7×365, and deploy upgrade install. Our System Integration service ensures proper operation of your mail and web data systems.

Digital & Social Marketing

In todays digital world, we provide SEO techniques based on comprehensive research and analysis. SEO optimization and social media marketing can bring your business to the highest rankings and increase conversion. With email marketing we promote your business among current and prospective consumers. We help you grow your business using SEO, SMO, SMM, Content Marketing, PPC and capable of giving you a respectable visibility in Search Engines.


Since our establishment we have grown dynamically, constantly expanding the range and raising the quality of our services. As we moved ahead we stayed focused on successful partnership with our clients.

Our Success relies with clients based on trust, transparency and mutual respect. We endeavor to work so that each client, regardless of their order size, becomes our long-term partner. Our real expertise is the ability to build a reliable solution by knowing client’s requirement on top. Our clients are positively surprised with the ease of communications, strict compliance with the terms and timeframes, which results in timely and cost-effective delivery of the projects.

We are an awesome, enthusiastic and dedicated team of avid developers. We are not just a development company but an institution for providing the technical solutions to the complex needs of our client’s business. We also provide an equal opportunity to everyone with an environment that allows them to grow and learn. In our sound existence of 10+ years we have touched almost every technology and development segment in web and mobile world. We work day-in and day-out implementing the technologies in most economic and efficient way. By creating a great composition of time, resources and knowledge we have attained several milestones and are in a process to satisfy our desire of getting better and best.

We are deliberately working harder to get our space in this widen web and mobile industry by providing the best solutions and services. We build a relationship with our clients and partners based on a truth and honesty.

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Client satisfaction

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